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Arsenic in Southern Oregon

Arsenic is found in our well water all throughout Southern Oregon.  Becasue of our volcanic geology, the occurrence is sporadic and levels can vary in wells in close proximity.  Since arsenic is odorless, tasteless and does not cause immediate symptoms, the only way to determine its presence is a water analysis.

Options for Removal

Adsorbents Filters - This technology works br a process called adsorption.  The arsenic in the water gets adsorbed into a filter media, after time the adsorbent will have no available area to absorb and will need replaced.  Adsorbent media filters can be a very effective whole house removal option.  However the adsorbent filter medias vary greatly in performance and cost.  Quality Water Systems and Kinetico were involved in the EPA's National Arsenic Technology Demonstration Study.  We installed all the available adsorbent at a Southern Oregon Test Site.  The EPA then administered testing over a 5 year period to establish the effectiveness and maintenance cost for each type.  From that study, Kinetico has developed a proprietary software program which allows us to enter your water chemistry and water usuage to determine the best adsorbent and removal capacity (how long the media will last before needing replaced).

Reverse Osmosis (RO) - This technology works by rejecting the dissolved arsenic as well as 90% - 98% of all salts and minerals in the water.  Whole house RO is the most expensive technology to own and operate.  We rarely prescribe whole house RO as it wastes 50% - 70% of the water down the drain, and requires addition of pumps and storage tanks.  In addition, whole house RO can leave your water with low PH as a result of removing minerals and salts.  Low PH water will cause corrosion in the plumbing systems and water heater if not treated.

Under-Counter Reverse Osmosis - There are many under counter RO systems, but none have the dual barrier arsenic removal capabilities of the Kinetico K5.  RO membranes are only effective on arsenic 5.  

Kinetico Macrolite® - The arsenic found in our local well water is in a dissolved form, this technology works by bringing the arsenic out of solution and filtering it as a solid.  This technology is exclusively offered by Quality Water Systems and often preferred because it eliminates the need to replcae expensive adsorbents and does not waste water and energy like the whole house RO.

Buyer Beware

There is always a risk of getting a product that in the end is less than advertised.  Here are a few helpful tips to look for when buying an arsenic removal system.

Adsorbents Filters - Adsorbents vary greatly in cost, performance, and life cycle.  Know how long the media will last and how much it will cost WITH LABOR to replace before you buy!  Quality Water Systems provides complete projections before you buy.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis - Make sure you know how much energy these sytems will use, it is typical to see electrical consumption triple.  Another concern is water demand form the well and discharging an additional 200 gallons a day per person.  If whole house RO is the only option, our Kinetico RO's are the most efficient at 50% and are the only system that incorporates an EverCleanTM Rinse, which extends the membrance life by cleaning itself with purified water.

With Quality Water Systems you will find that we give you several options to solve your water problems and the pros and cons of each, we also provide future projections of annual costs to maintain your system.  There will be no surprises when you work with Quality Water Systems.

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