Water / Well Testing

The first step in managing your water quality is accurate testing of your well flow and water chemistry.  We offer full testing packages. Call today to get pricing.  (541) 245-7470

Well Flow Testing

We offer complete flow testing services.  Our testing methods and measurment tools are the most accurate available.  We also have the knowledge base to make sure you are not getting an inaccurate test.  When an inaccurate test is taken you could end up buying treatment equipment you may not need.  Please call us today to assist you with getting the most accurate results.

To request a four hour flow test please email us using our
contact form or call us at 541.245.7470

Water Analysis

We recommend having a complete water analysis to determine if you need treatment.  We use our local certified water laboratory Neilson Research in Medford.  When testing your water it is important that the sample is taken correctly, call today to discuss what lab package makes sense for you and pricing.  We also off free "Treatment Performance Analysis" (TPA) at our Jacksonville Lab/Showroom.  If you own a water softener, iron filter or reverse osmosis system the TPA test will determine if your system is working correctly.  The free TPA test includes: Hardness, iron, pH, TDS (total dissolved solids), and specific conductance.  Just stop by and pick up a sample bottle.  

To request a water analysis please email us using our
contact form or call us at 541.245.7470

Specialty Tests

Home Sale Package:  If you're selling your home you should know is arsenic, bacteria (coliform and E.coli), or nitrate will be an issue early to determine the best plan of action to avoid problems and delays in the sale.  Our home sale package is more than just a flow and water test.  We provide a comprehensive on-site analysis, well flow test using the most accurate methods and equipment, and a full water analysis.  In addition we provide a free consultation on the results and make recommendations for remedies.  

Iron Bacteria (IRB) & Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB):  These natual occuring bacteria feed on the minerals in your water.  If present they can cause a variety of problems.  Symptoms include, biological corrosion of the well pump, piping, and well casing systems.  Odors and a variety of slimy stain deposits.  However it is commonly misdiagnosed.  The only way to determine if these organisms are present is a culture test that takes 2 to 9 days. If present we can provide a management plan to minimize the damaging effects.


To request a specialty test please email us using our
contact form or call us at 541.245.7470


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