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Water Softeners

Kinetico series water softeners make soft water on your schedule based on your actual water use.  They regenerate at any time of the day or night to ensure you will always have a supply of soft water.  So if you have a house full of guests or are running multiple loads of laundry, you'll never run out of soft water.  And if you're away from home, the systems stays ready without wasting water or salt.

Drinking Water Systems

The K5 is certified to remove more contaminants than any other reverse osmosis system.  It has customizable, multistage filters to meet the specific water challenges that you face now or that you may encounter in the future.  And thanks to EverClean® Rinse, the K5 uses the same high-quality water produced by the system to clean itself.  This keeps it in top working order and automatically extends it life. 

Arsenic Removal

Our arsenic removal systems are designed custom for your water chemistry and water usage.  Arsenic removal is not simple, and can be expensive to own if you buy the wrong technologies.  We have more experience in arsenic removal than any company in Oregon.  Go to the "Arsenic" tab to learn more. 

Ultra Violet (UV)

Ultraviolet systems provide disinfection with UV rays.  UV is cost effective and is a proven technology for waters with coliform bacteria, e-coli and a wide range of other pathogens.  When using UV it is critical that the water is clean so the UV rays can get to the microbes.  We believe in a multiple barrier approach when dealing with pathogens.  The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station with the Purefecta® Guard Filter is the only Reverse Osmosis System on the market that meets the EPA stringent.  

Iron Filters

Self cleaning iron filters are the most effective way to eliminate rust stains.  We offer several types of chemical free and regenerant based systems.  In Southern Oregon we have all types of iron, ferrous, ferric, collodial and organic.  BUYER BEWARE: Many iron filters on the market make astonishing claims, make sure to have an onsite assessment before purchasing an iron filter.  Water consumption varies greatly and we all want to conserve water.

Ultra Filtration

UF removes bacteria, virus', cysts, and other microbes.  It is a very effective technology for surface water and shallow wells that are influenced by surface water.  The HomespringTM system is designed to self clean and provide many years of service before needing a filter change.  Unlike UV the UF system physically removes microbes as opposed to mutating their DNA and RNA.  While UV systems do effectively deactivate, the mutated material is left in the water.  UF filters the microbes and washes them down the drain.  We have UF systems effectively treating water from the Rogue, Umpqua, Coquille, and Little Rivers as well as many lake sources.  BUYER BEWARE: When using UF only use a validated, certified and approved system.  Many UF systems are only designed to remove fine solids and are not approved for microbiological treatment.   

Sulfur Removal

Rotten Egg and sulfur odors can effectively be removed by many types of treatment systems.  Locally we see most odor problems are associated with Sulphate Reducing Bacertia (SRB).  Our systems incorporate three stages to remove the sulfur compounds, kill the SRB and prevent regrowth in the hot water.  BUYER BEWARE: Micro injectors and many "sulfur filters" are not effective on local sulfur waters.

Chlorine Removal

This single-tank unit is a simple solution to whole home chlorine removal and a great addition to any Kinetico water softener.  It not only provides chlorine-free water to every faucet in your home, it also protects your water softener from the harsh effects of chlorine.  

Saltless Water Softener

The Kinetico Scale Reduction System uses proven science to help prevent scale buildup where it can do the most harm.  The SRS works to reduce the ability of minerals in your water to create scale, and it does all of this in a compact unit without the need for salt or chemicals.  


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